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Colorful Blac - The story of us.

Colorful Blac - founded 2003
Money can’t buy me life.
As children, we both loved books. But more, much more than that we loved music. Words and melodies were our way of learning about the world. It helps to drown out most of the falsities in our dreary childhood. So we sang the words and we worded the songs. And we continued singing till our voices grew so enormous and true, that our timid little hearts felt ripe to take on even the wild wild world. Soon at 17-18, we packed our sandwiches and left home to tackle the foxy entertainment industry where billboards and fast-talking executives were said to rule.

We met back in 2003, formed Colorful Blac and in the following years achieved a relatively modest albeit remarkable success with our covers act. Meanwhile, we had also begun self-schooling on the art of sound engineering via google to prepare ourselves for the recording of our personal tales onto a song album.

We worked plenty and played some, and did our best to stay out of trouble. Even so, life did not offer us the little monotony we had envisioned without a barrage of temptations. With chance occurrences we came to live amongst and witness the hazardous and whirl-wind paths of profiled entertainers often littered with drugs, alcohol and depression. Playing festivals and prominent venues in Melbourne, the Gold Coast and Singapore, we also found ourselves frequently haunted by wicked witches with delicious apples, pimps in gold chains with carrots-a-dangling and all the worldly enticements for the eyes’ feasting! Luckily, each time they prodded at us, every time the little voice in our hearts triumphed us to fix our eyes on our art and leave the rainbow be.
Street Culture

Real life, not unlike Hollywood T.V. offers numbing sensations with instant success-out-of-a-can that leaves the eyes wide and highly dilated. Forewarned earlier by what we had witnessed of the risqué price of a hurried success, the question begs us, do people really mean it when they say, “I would give ‘anything’ to have that kind of success!!?”  We  formulated our answer swiftly before the speedy buzzer timed-out, and to cut a long story short we have sooner committed ourselves to staying low and avoiding all kinds of short-cut trappings. So together for nearly 10 years now we have grounded ourselves, utilizing street performances to hone our craft and earn a modest living whilst enjoying the richness of street culture.

What if a recording/distribution deal turns up? Well, we’re definitely keen, if only to share our music to a wider audience around the globe. Truth be told, we have had substantial offers throughout the years (with various songwriting / recording / reality-t.v. deals in Australia, Canada, Singapore). But because we value the vital groundworks which we artistically cannot overlook, we maintained that there is no rush to move forward. We were enjoying our process and we figured if we keep brewing our songs patiently, the right time will come to see the right person for the job. As they say, you can’t keep a good man down!

Meanwhile, we get to live like the flower-child of the 70’s, work hard and travel freely with no hurry to compete in the world. So we did! And in this way, we have found that the privilege of meeting just any people is priceless, and learning to discipline the self in hard-work is liberating.

            Wedding couple, Ali & Mark still keeps in touch.
So how do we manage this anomalous lifestyle which most would deem unstable and insecure? The key, is that we work diligently(fr Latin diligere, "take delight in,"), live frugally and give sincere gratitude to our fans for their appreciation of our work, cos whether it be a monetary expression or a physical gesture it all comes from a place of value! There’s a saying that sums it up for us - “Gratitude turns what little we have into enough”. We have had fans who have offered us a roof. We've been given hand-warmers for the cold winter. Some bought sushi and others brought us delicious home cooked meals and even baked us cookies. How cute is that?

We truly believe that every breathing moment in life should be celebrated with thanksgiving and so naturally we’ve produced ourselves a motivating, positive and appreciative album as our first release. We started in 2003 with nothing. Fast track nine years and today we are the proud owners of a personalized LP recording that will always serve to remind us of the peace in knowing that more does not equate better.

Currently, we’re moving our CDs steadily one at a time, each weekend we’re out on the town. Although you may not have heard it yet...;) on television or the radio, we have many happy listeners to vouch for our success. So if this is your kind of success story, and you would like to hear more about our adventures, get your Colorful Blac CD and join all the other happy campers on our side of the fence in celebration with songs of real life - and real love...

The kind that money can’t buy!

A few words by our fans:

Thank you! I won a gold medal with your motivation (swim 4km in 20mins & sing your song)!- Tanja Engels(GER), World Masters Championships

An amazing album by two of the most soulful singers in Australia, if not the world - 87.6 kissFm, Australia, DJ Eddie Mac & Cam

Amazing sound on this album! Ingenious! I recommend it. - 98.9 fm Melbourne Musos with James Morrison

Two words… Mont Blanc - Eddie Nigel, Singapore, Award Winning Producer/DJ

Soul filled album… always puts me in such a fantastic place! - Big fan, John J Antonic

Support us:
You can preview and purchase our CD or mp3s at: http://www.colorfulblac.com

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